Social media influencers, especially those on Instagram, aren’t famous for no reason. They might get some things wrong (Who can forget the Fyre Festival fiasco of 2017?) but they are still a reliable source for what’s hot in women’s wear and beauty.
Every scroll on your Instagram feed can be like browsing a fashion magazine if you follow the right people. Instagram’s Discover page is also a treasure-trove for fashion and beauty advice and inspiration.

Here are some of the biggest fashion trends that started on Instagram this 2017.

Oval sunglasses

Retro fashion is in vogue once again. And with it comes a resurgence of oval sunglasses in popularity. They’ve been featured in the feeds of famous Instagrammers last summer and is pegged to be trend well into the fall and winter seasons.

Cut-off jean bottoms

Cut-off jeans are the perfect bottoms for a laid-back but chic outfit because of their frayed bottom but tailored-looking legs. They come most often in the high-waist, straight cut variety. They’re also a perfect fit for shorter ladies who have always found it difficult to find pants which have the right length. Cut-off jeans look great when paired with beige or nude heeled sandals and a fitted cropped top.

Deconstructed shirts

Deconstructed shirts are a great way to dress a bit more formally but still give off that laid-back vibes perfect for street wear. They also offer versatility as they can be worn a variety of ways like off-the-shoulder, worn backwards or turned into strapless tops giving the staple shirt quite literally a modern twist.

Retro swimwear

Instagram models have often rocked retro swimwear in their posts. And boy do they look good. No wonder high-waisted and one piece swimwear are back on trend once again. Retro swimwear have been seen on bloggers like Pandora Sykes, Chriselle lim and Camila Coelho.

Baker boy hats

It seems that 2017 is the year of paying homage to the trends of yore with 90s and 70s fashion being back on trend once again. One particularly popular trend is wearing baker boy hats. They’re so popular even Forever21 began producing them. They’re perfect for capping off (pun intended) street looks and are also great for keeping warm yet stylish during the coming cold months. Baker boy hats look great when paired with short hair.

Drawstring trousers

Drawstring trousers are a product of the Athleisure style trend (which is also popular among Instagrammers). They’re the perfect casual chic bottoms because of their wide-legged style and relaxed material. Brittany Bathgate is a fan of them.
Wooden clutches

Style icon, Jane Birkin, was known for her preference of basket bags. Now they’re back in vogue but in a different style. The past summer, Instagram bloggers were seen sporting wooden clutches called Ark bag from the brand Club Gaia. And of course, their followers followed suit creating a wooden clutch bag trend. The Ark bag is made of bamboo material and multicolored acrylics perfect for those going for the au natural look. They look great when worn with wrap dresses and gladiator sandals.

Never miss out on another fashion trend by following Instagram models and bloggers. Some of the best trends of 2017 like the Ark bag, deconstructed shirts and oval sunglasses among others started out on Instagram proving the reach and power of its users’ influence.