California is known for many things. But Coachella is up there among the top five things people flock to California for. Over the years, the music festival has gained reputation as a place to be seen in.
It attracts both celebrities and social media influencers, two groups of people known for their great fashion senses, which makes Coachella the ideal place where fashion trends can brew. Here are some of the trends which emerged from Coachella 2017 which you can wear all-year round in the California weather.

Fishnet tights
Fishnet tights were everywhere at Coachella. They come in tons of varieties like black whale nets, white bedazzled fishnets and ankle fishnet socks. They’re a great way to add visual interest and texture to any simple outfit without adding another layer clothing considering the hot weather in California. They could also easily transition into fall wear when paired with dark colored dresses and boots.

Colored lenses
The 70s are back in style! Glasses with tinted shades like yellow and orange are all the rage at Coachella and beyond. This is in part thanks to Gucci and Coach who showed yellow-tinted sunglasses on their summer runways. Since then, other designers like Louis Vuitton and Emma Oak have followed suit.
The trend has been seen on magazine spreads and even the red carpet cementing its popularity for seasons to come. And of course, they are perfect for the sunny California weather as well. Tinted lenses can easily give any wearer a cool, edgy, carefree vibe while protecting their eyes from what seems to be California’s year-long summer season as these glasses come with UV protection.

Bell sleeves
Whether they’re on dresses, flowy tops or cropped tops, bell sleeves are another 70s trend that Coachella girls loved to wear. The sleeves are a great statement yet comfortable and airy piece for everyday wear in the hot weather. There are a lot of varieties when it comes to bell sleeve material and cut. Some popular cuts are tiered sleeves, flutter sleeves and flared sleeves. Bell sleeve dresses are great to pair with sandals during summer for a casual afternoon date or with boots for and a few metallic accessories for a look more appropriate for a date night. For a full-on 70’s homage, wear your bell sleeve tops with wide-legged pants and chunky-heeled boots.
Despite being summer and spring staples you can still wear bell sleeves in the relatively colder fall and winter seasons in California by choosing ones with thicker materials like suede or layering another top beneath them.
Floral dresses
Floral dresses have fallen in and out of fashion for the past years. They made a comeback this year at Coachella (although the floral print has always been a Coachella staple) thanks to Instagram star Danielle Peazer. Floral frocks are usually associated with summer and spring but they can also be worn in the colder months. Just choose florals with darker tones to fit the whole dried leaves fall aesthetic. For fall florals, check out designs from Preen, Gucci, Miu Miu and Marni. If you’re more into pale pink palettes (which are also great for the fall season), you can look at the fall catalogues of Zimmermann and Rodarte for your dose of florals.

Look great despite the California heat with these wearable trends from Coachella 2017.