Not everyone can afford the hefty price that comes with fashionable designer handbags. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy stylish handbags. You can, as fashion bloggers say, ‘go over to the dark side’ and purchase replica handbags.
Unlike what the mainstream fashion media would have you believe, not all replica handbags are of poor quality. They come in different degrees of quality depending on where you buy them.

Navigating the world of imitation designer goods can be difficult especially if you’re a first timer. So, consider this article a guide to help you purchase a quality replica handbag.

Degrees of quality

As said earlier, not all designer knockoffs are created equal. There are those which look almost entirely identical to the original with only fashion experts being able to tell them apart. On the other end of the spectrum are bad replicas which look outstandingly fake. Logically, you should avoid the latter at all costs. Chinese replicas are the most common and their products are usually distinguished by grade quality. Here is a list to guide you.

  • AAA+: Replicas of this grade are of okay-ish quality but is sometimes good enough to fool the untrained eye. However, it lacks the luxurious feel of the original handbag. It is the typical grade quality you’ll encounter.
  • Counter Quality (also tagged as AAAAA, one to one, original leather): This type are the best ones around. If you have the money to burn and the patience to search, you should definitely purchase counter quality replica handbags. They aren’t called counter quality for no reason. They’ve been described as being good enough to pass and be displayed on the counters as originals because of their great craftsmanship except they aren’t as expensive as the real deal.

However, as can be expected from underground sellers, some may lie about the quality of their products. Navigating around the replica handbag market and getting the bang for your buck will take some practice and a few trial and errors at first. But once you find a reliable source of counter quality replicas, then it’s like you’ve reached a jackpot.

General tips for replica handbag hunters

Here are some more tips to guide on your search for high quality replica handbags.

  • Always, always compare prices and quality before buying. Don’t buy the first good replica handbag you see. For all you know there might be another one that’s a better deal for price and quality. Always canvas.
  • Be meticulous when it comes to quality. This one may be harder when you’re buying online and will not see the actual product until it reaches you in the mail. Make sure to read the product’s description thoroughly before purchasing it and only buy from sellers that you trust. It will also help to read reviews of both the product and its seller.
  • Make sure to communicate with the seller. It would also help if you directly contact the seller if you have questions. Perhaps you’d like to make sure that the product you’ll receive will look the same as that on the picture. Sometimes, it’s really safer and easier to buy from an actual seller you can meet.

We hope this article has been helpful in your first attempt at purchasing your first replica handbag. Contrary to common beliefs, replicas can compete with original’s quality at significantly lower price. Just be sure to be careful in dealing with sellers, especially online.