A woman can never have enough shoes. They’re a great way to glam up or complete a look and an easy way to keep your wardrobe up to date. And now that 2017 is drawing up to a close, let’s have a recap of the hottest shoe trends you might have missed this year and the ones that have only started trending for the fall and winter seasons.
Slouch Boots

Slouch boots ruled the runways of designers in the recently concluded fall/winter fashion shows. Being part-leather and part-legwarmer, slouch boots are the perfect streetwear shoes to wear for the last cold months of the year.

Ugly shoes

Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Spring 2017 saw the rise of ‘ugly’, clunky and remotely orthopedic-looking shoes as streetwear. You can take your old pair of Crocs out of hiding now that they’re in trend again. Other ‘ugly’ shoes you can wear are Velcro sandals and Birkenstocks. Hey if designers like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Alexander Wang deemed these shoes worthy enough to have them in their shows, you’re wearing them proudly as well.

Ladylike pumps

Perhaps the antithesis of the ugly shoe trend are ladylike pumps which are pegged as one of the preferred fall footwear as seen from the fall/winter runways. They can come in a bunch of designs with the feminine elements like colors and shiny bling tying them together. You can buy your pair from designers like Rochas, Tibi and Tory Burch.

Sock boots

Wearing socks with heels is perhaps the coziest trend to come out of the fall/winter runways. It’s intended effect is the illusion of wearing ankle boots. You might think it weird but you’ll mostly love it once you see how stylish socks and heels look together. Just be careful with matching socks with shoes. To keep up the boot-illusion, pick a sock and heel combination that have almost the same color.

Sky-high platforms

Platform shoes have been in style since last year and they continue to be in 2017. Enjoy the benefit of added height but with the comfort of wearing flats by joining the platform shoes bandwagon. They can come in a variety of designs, colors and heights you’ll surely be able to find a pair that will go with the clothes you already own.

Bold red shoes

Another fall trend are bold, red shoes. They can be pumps or pointed boots, red shoes are chic all year-round. You can style them with shift dresses or pair them with a sweater and jeans ensemble to give the casual look some pop of color. For more styling inspirations, follow celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Rowan Blanchard who rock red shoes in style.
Combat boots

Grungy combat boots made a comeback in the fall/winter runways making their way into the looks of designers like Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Celine. Get your combat boots out and style them with well-fitting trousers or long skirts to keep slaying  in the last months of the year.

It can be confusing how 2017 is the year were both ugly shoes and ladylike pumps trended months apart. But hey, that’s how style and trends go in the world of fashion. Keep your shoe cabinet up to date by stocking up on the latest shoe trends like slouchy boots or getting old pieces out again to ride the combat boot resurgence this final months of the year.