The modern woman is a busy woman, for better or for worse. With such busy schedules and calendars, finding time to regularly style oneself can be tough. Adopting a casual chic style is a great way for busy women to look gorgeous and put together with as little time and effort as possible.
This style is built upon the foundation of comfortable and practical wear made chic by proper accessorizing and styling.

Here are more tips on how you can rock the casual chic look.

Incorporate trendy pieces (but sparingly)

One way you can instantly look modern is to incorporate current trends in your OOTDs. But be careful with trends and definitely don’t dress in trendy pieces head-to-toe. Try pairing some frayed jeans with a simple shirt for starters. You can also be trendy with accessories by wearing chokers or gold hoop earrings to glam up a casual outfit.

Keep your hair groomed

It’s true that hair is a woman’s crowning glory. It is also one of our best accessories which could greatly contribute to our appearance. Be sure to keep them groomed and shiny all the time and you’ll look great in your everyday looks. For busy women, you can opt for shorter hair which are easier to maintain on a daily basis. For curly haired women, keep a bottle of water spray on your bathroom counter to easily tame bed hair before you go on to do your everyday hair routine. On really bad hair days, you can wear a beret or a cute hat to hide your hair but still look casual chic.

Wear jeans with classy tops and outer wear

You can’t get any more casual than a pair of plain old jeans. Dark wash jeans are a great choice. But any wash could work as long as they are in great shape and in a flattering cut for your body. Wear them with classier, more formal-looking tops and you instantly get a casual chic look. Go for tops made of materials that aren’t cotton. For outerwear, go for jackets or coverups with structure so as not to look sloppy. Get the ‘blogger casual chic’ look by wearing them with a pair of heels.

Go basic neutral

Although the word ‘basic’ has gotten a bad reputation in popular speak for the past few years, investing in basic clothing pieces is still great style advice. To fit your casual chic look, go for tops or bottoms in neutral colors. You’ll find it easier to pair them up with your other clothes and will save you time getting ready in the mornings. To start, make sure that have a plain white shirt, a bag of brown leather, a pair of pants which can go with anything and a soft sand-colored sweater.
Capsule wardrobes

The concept of capsule wardrobes has been around since the 1970s but has gained a resurgence in popularity recently perhaps due to the minimalist lifestyle trend. Basically, capsule wardrobes are trimmed down wardrobes composed of as little basic but versatile clothing possible and come up with as much outfits as possible.

Looking good despite a busy lifestyle can be hard at first. But once you master how to rock the casual chic look, you’ll learn how to make the best of your little prep time and still manage to look good and put together every day.