Since regular women don’t have the privilege to go to movie red carpet events to dress glamorous for, street wear is a great way to show off your personal style on a regular basis. Stay in the loop with these street style trends that came from the fall/winter 2017 runways.
White boots

White sneakers have been the rage the past few years. It’s no surprise white boots will be next in line. Like sneakers, boots can be versatile based on how you style them. White boots look great when worn with fishnet tights (which are also on trend right now), a short leather skirt or a pair of mom jeans with a cropped top. They also have the benefit of keeping you warmer during the colder seasons and, of course, added height as well.

Wide-legged trousers

Wide-legged trousers are perfect for the working woman who wants to look fashionable both while on their way and while at work. They’ve been seen worn by fashion insiders on the streets of New York. Those with stripes design and made of silk are the types in vogue right now.

Extralong-sleeved top

Extralong-sleeved top is a runway style easily translatable to the streets because they are very wearable. The chosen way of wearing them is to let the sleeves go long until they even cover your hands. This top is in line with the current trend in deconstructed shirts that has been making waves in street and even office wear as well.

They look particularly good when worn under a fitted jacket or coat with the ends of the short peeking out of the coat’s armholes. They also come in a variety of styles like button-downs and sweaters.

Glove Pumps

Glove pumps are great for street wear in the colder seasons because they both snug and fit. Thus, they are also comfortable to walk in even in long distances, a must for shoes to go with your street ensemble. Because of its ‘granny’ vibes glove shoes are perfect if you’re going for a vintage chic look. Fashion maven, Victoria Beckham, has been seen wearing them on multiple occasions with wide-legged, checkered trousers, a knit dress and belted maxi dresses. Go get yourself a pair from Celine!

Shiny leather trench coats

If you’re too bold for those boring beige trench coats, then you should definitely get your hands on those trending shiny leather trench ones. This outerwear will keep you looking edgy while keeping you warm.

You can go for a full-length trench if you’re brave (and tall) enough or a mid-length one if you can’t commit to the longer version. But surely go for ones with an A line shape as they are the most flattering for most women.
And since leather trench coats are a statement on their own, you can go a bit simpler on the other aspects of your street OOTD. They also look good either worn closed or left opened.

The trend is inspired by the shiny coats worn by Parisian woman. Go for versions made of quality leather with a bit of sheen to get that futuristic, Matrix-like aesthetic.

Update your street wear wardrobe for the final cold months of 2017 by checking out these street wear trends inspired by the fall/winter 2017 runway looks. Try out shoe trends like white boots and glove pumps. And get yourself into the shiny, leather trench coats, wide-legged trousers and extralong-sleeved top craze.

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