If you have a job which requires you to have a different set of clothes for work, then shopping can get really expensive, especially when you’re just entering the work force. Don’t let the expense of building your work wardrobe add up to your student loan debt by shopping smart. Here are some affordable brands you can shop for stylish work clothes.
Banana Republic

Banana Republic is a popular go-to for women working in the corporate world. The brand sells a variety of office wear like dresses, suit sets and button-up shirts at just around $200. You can also keep your eye out for their regular sales when you can find even greater deals.


If you’re looking for practicality, you can’t go wrong with Argent. They’re known for their affordable blazers and pants which feature helpful pockets for your phone and other things. Be sure to check out their selection of slim-lapel stretch blazers and cropped trousers.


If minimalism is your thing, you should check out what Vetta has to offer. They’re known for their capsule wardrobes composed of five versatile clothing pieces which can be mixed and matched to come up with 30 days worth of work ensembles. Yes, you read that right. Five pieces into a month of outfits. Other than that, the brand also values environmental responsibility with their use of sustainable materials.


Alexis is a mother-daughter duo effort from Ana and Alexis Barbara. They are known for their ultrafeminine yet modern work wear for women. Start by checking out their selection of wide-legged polka dot trousers and statement blouses.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is a tried and tested women’s work wear brand since the 1950s. The brand also caters for a variety of body types. You can surely find great pieces in their catalogue whether you’re a petite or tall woman. And if you’re looking for a more casual and laid-back look, you can shop their line Loft. Lastly, remember to hawk their website for sales and great deals.

H & M

Modern working women can rely on H & M to find great clothing pieces for just about any occasion. The brand is famous for its fast fashion and eye for quality. Be sure to check out their amazing selection of work-appropriate dresses.

Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover is a relatively new brand but they’ve already amassed a cult following among fashion-savvy working women. They’re known for their sophisticated leather bag designs aimed for the convenient use of women on-the-go. They sell satchels, backpacks, totes and types of bags.

Citizens’s Mark

Citizen’s Mark is a Swiss fashion brand known for their blazers. The brand is an effort by Cynthia Salim to create work clothes for women which have the same quality as men’s wear. So, all of Citizen’s Mark’s blazers are made with similar fabrics typically used for men’s wear. Investing in a blazer from the brand is both a fashion and political statement.
Of Mercer

Of Mercer is a brand which really isn’t marketed for the working woman. As the brand itself says, they just happened to carry clothing that are also work-appropriate. This is due to the brand’s design philosophy of mixing simplicity and elegance in their pieces.

Building your first work wardrobe can an expensive and daunting task. Make it easier by checking out these work-appropriate brands which sell both affordable and quality women’s work clothes.